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Feb 2, 2013 12:10pm EST
years ago? we started following the same math approach that created our federal deficits at the national level. democrats and republicans alike in this very chamber had voted to cut taxes for millionaires and to increase state spending without paying for either one. the result? $1.7 billion dollar deficit. that is how it works. it is failing to deliver results. underperforming schools, tuition hikes, rising in crime outside of baltimore. in 2007, together we started making that her choices. we cut spending growth, we had a penny to the sales tax to improve our children's education. we made our tax code more progressive and fair. we put concrete acts and to close our. when the national recession hit, wiping jobs and revenue across the country, including here, other states try to find prosperity. they found that this only made things worse. laying off police officers, firefighters, teachers. they are hoping that somehow it would trickle down to the rest of us. in maryland, we made better choices. we made government more efficient and effective. for the first time we started sending public
Feb 2, 2013 11:20am EST
says expand first, worry later. california just raised taxes in part to cover their medicaid deficit, and that means 350 million more to pay for obama- care next year. that is not us, that is not south carolina. the federal government likes to wait around a $9 match like is a symbol or bullets. -- like it is a silver bullet. what good are any dollars when they come through a program that does not allow us the flexibility to make the decisions that are in the best interest of the people of south carolina. in the end, i cannot support this expansion for a very simple reason. as long as i am governor of south carolina i will not implement the public policy disaster that is obamacare medicaid expansion. instead we need to improve health care. and we will. we are taking a lead in payment reform. this year alone, over $40 million of payments are tied to performance. which means better outcomes for patients and south carolina tax payers. we are asking beneficiaries to become more engaged in their health. if a patient does not follow a dr.'s advice to stop smoking or does not take their medi
Feb 2, 2013 1:30pm EST
and it won't saddle future legislatures -- or future generations -- with the washington, d.c.-style deficits that montana has avoided during this recession. let's not miss this chance. the same goes for cuts to the business equipment tax, which is a tax on the market value of equipment a business owns. the last legislature reduced this tax rate, across the board, for every company in the state. let's take the next step and eliminate that tax for 11,000 montana businesses -- two- thirds of the companies that pay it. doing so will directly benefit the main street businesses in your communities. the parrot confectionary has been making and selling candy on last chance gulch in helena since 1922. under my proposal, the parrot would no longer pay this tax. chinook windows in great falls manufactures and distributes windows made for the harsh montana climate. they can use the business equipment tax dollars they've been paying to further invest in their business. under my proposal, the iron horse in missoula would also have a little more breathing room in their bottom line. from manufacturers to re
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3